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National recovery and sustainability plan (Greece 2.0)

Last updated: 2 March 2022

The Greek National Recovery and Resilience Plan is comprised of four pillars: 


1. Green Transition  

1.1 Power up 1.2 Renovate 1.3 Recharge and refuel 

      1.4 Sustainable use of resources, climate resilience and environmental protection 

2. Digital Transformation 

3. Employment, skills, and social cohesion 

4. Private investment and transformation of the economy 


Greece and the European Commission signed the funding agreement, with financial support worth 17.8 billion EUR requested by Greece, also named under the framework "Greece 2.0". The agreement covers 13.5 billion EUR, and will bring up 12.7 billion EUR in loans as well. 


The plan will use European funds of 31.16 billion euros (18.43 billion in support and 12.73 billion in loans) to mobilize a total of 60 billion euros in investments in the next five years. 

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