National recovery and sustainability plan / Green transition

Last updated: 18 November 2022

Green transition's investments and reforms include among others: 


1) The interconnection of Greek islands. 

2) The installation of millions of smart telemetric energy meters. 

3) A massive program of energy efficiency renovation for residential buildings, businesses and public sector buildings and infrastructure. 

4) The development of publicly accessible charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. 


1.1 Power up (total 2 348 mln. €, of which 1 200 mln from RRF)

       electricity transmission and distribution network infrastructure

1.2 Renovate (total 5 203 mln. €, of which 2 689 mln from RRF)

       renovations of public and private buildings to increase energy efficiency

1.3 Recharge and refuel (total 1.305 bn. €, of which 0.52 bln from RRF)

       Transitioning to a green and sustainable transport system

1.4 Sustainable use of resources, climate resilience and environmental protection (total 2.726 bn. €, of which 1.763 from RRF)

       projects to improve water management and waste treatment


Total grants will amount to 6172 million EUR from the EU RRF budget, and 11 582 million EUR, as total budget. 

Overall under the National Recovery Plan, Greece and the European Commission signed the funding agreement, with financial support worth 17.8 billion EUR requested by Greece, also named under the framework "Greece 2.0". The agreement covers 13.5 billion EUR, and will bring up 12.7 billion EUR in loans as well. 


The plan will use European funds of 31.16 billion euros (18.43 billion in support and 12.73 billion in loans) to mobilize a total of 60 billion euros in investments in the next five years. 

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