Policy Statement on the Importation of Fracked Gas

Last updated: 18 November 2022

As the country moves towards carbon neutrality, the Government announced it will stop supporting the importation of fracked gas. The policy statements provides a few key actions: 

  • pending the outcome of a review of the security of energy supply of Ireland’s electricity and natural gas systems being carried out by DECC, it would not be appropriate for the development of any LNG terminals in Ireland to be permitted or proceeded with;
  • the Government will work with like-minded European States to promote and support changes to European energy laws – in particular the upcoming revision of the European Union’s Gas Directive and Gas Regulation in order to allow the importation of fracked gas to be restricted;
  • the Government will work with international partners to promote the phasing out of fracking at an international level within the wider context of the phasing out of fossil fuel extraction.

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