Economic recovery and sustainability "New generation Lithuania"

Last updated: 18 November 2022

As part of its EU National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Lithuania has detailed its expected policies per budget, in the aim of attaining climate neutrality by 2050. Lithuania also has a 9% GHG reduction target  in non ETS sectors, compared to 2005. As much as 935.154 million EUR (38% of the total plan fund) will directly contribute to the fight against climate change and green transformation goals. The "Green Transformation Lithuania" will contribute to these climate and energy transition goals, with 813.3 million EUR considered as 100% climate friendly. 2 million EUR will be set for green taxonomy, with its effects of even greater magnitude, despite not being directly funded from the EU. An additional 16.4 million EUR from alternative policy objectives can also be considered as policies favourable to the green transition. 

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