Economic Recovery and Resilience "New Generation Lithuania" / Green Transformation / Clean Transport

Last updated: 23 November 2022

The Clean Transport measure of the Green Transformation part of the National Resilience and Recovery Plan aims to reduce GHG emissions by phasing out polluting road vehicles and increasing renewables share of energy resources in the transport sector. 


Lithuania will invest 832.1 million EUR with EU funds to implement its Green Transition, with an additional 169.2 million EUR from alternative EU finance instruments, 257.44 million EUR from private legal entities and 45.26 million EUR from its national budget. Dedicated policies include upgrading the public transport infrastructure, adding electric buses and recharging infrastructure, replacing polluting vehicles with clean ones, and sharing knowledge with the public. 


The Transport Minister stated on the 14 September 2021, that Lithuania was planning to increase the number of EV charging stations by more than 15 times by 2027 through allocating around 70 million euros in EU funds for the installation of EV charging stations.

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