Sweden's Recovery Plan

Last updated: 23 March 2022

Sweden's recovery and resilience plan energy-related policies concern:     


- Transition of industrial sector (SEK 2.9 billion)  

- Climate change (SEK 5.35 billion)  

- Energy efficiency of apartment buildings (SEK 4.05 billion)

- Railway investment (SEK 1.50 billion)     


The total financial contribution available for Sweden within RRF amounts to approximately 34 billion SEK. Sweden intends to remove all GHG emissions by 2045, with the help of extensive claimte-smart technology.


The Green Transition is counted as the first pillar in the national strategy, with investments in sustainable transport, energy efficiency of buildings, investments in new technologies to reduce GHG emissions, with a focus on emission reductions, negative emissions and adaptation measures.      


The Fund also includes environmental taxes to increase tax revenues. Environmental taxes are supposed to be exchanged for reduced taxes on jobs and entrepreneurship.     

 The EU RRF plan includes measures to facilitate the Green Transition, but Sweden also includes in its 2021 budget alternative measures to implement the Green Transition, with policies designed to foster this development until 2030 and 2045. All measures in the recovery plan have been evaluated to ensure that none of them cause significant damage to the environment.      

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