State strategy for bicycles

Last updated: 27 October 2021

This strategy is in line with the mobility strategy, included in the national Recovery, Transformation and Resilience plan.


Among the envisaged measures, the government is working to deliver subsidies to help local entities to improve bicycle-rail accessibility, and making access to stations and parking for bicycles safer.


The strategy is composed of 28 "action blocks" divided into 10 thematic areas:

1) Cultural change: raise awareness, education and communication

2) Health, wellbeing and the social dimension of bicycles

3) Cycling infrastructure

4) Instruments to foster cycling mobility

5) The bicycle for daily transportation

6) Security and regulation

7) Bicycle tourism

8) Cycling as a leisure and sport activity

9) Opportunities in the supply chain

10) Institutional and financial coordination


EUR 5 million euros will be allocated to the initiatives contributing to the bicycle strategy.

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