Ordinance on Pipeline Systems (2020 update)

Last updated: 28 June 2021

The purpose of this ordinance is to protect people and the environment from harmful effects of pipeline system construction and operation. The ordinance applies to pipeline systems that transport flammable liquids and substances with hazardous characteristics.  


Pipeline systems must be designed and operated in a way that avoids harm to people or the environment. Thus, pipeline systems must be built and operated in compliance with applicable all technical directives. Furthermore, operators must continuously monitor and maintain pipeline systems, carrying out necessary repairs immediately. They must also submit summary reports to the competent authorities, notify them in case of accidents and create a management system to maintain the integrity of pipeline systems.   


Pipeline systems must be tested: before commissioning or a restart of operations subsequent to major changes; after decommissioning or a temporary shutdown of over six months; after all events of damage; and at least every two years during operations. Tests can must be conducted by authorized inspection bodies.

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