Decree 12 November 2011, no. 226 (2015 update)

Last updated: 10 February 2022

This regulation details the tender and evaluation criteria for natural gas distribution service proposals, considering that gas distribution activities are activities of public interest and must be granted under concession according to the existing legislation. 


The regulation states that local authorities must develop standardised minimum development conditions for applicants. Furthermore, applicants must file information concerning: the distribution system; the volume of gas distributed; and the safety and modernisation of plants as provided for by regulation, such as replacement of pipelines or the introduction of electronic meters.   


Tenders are awarded to operators based on economic conditions, safety and quality criteria (article 14), and thorough development plans. Economic conditions include a requirement to invest in energy efficiency through issued energy efficiency certificates (article 13). Safety parameters include the annual percentage of low, medium, and high-pressure networks inspected, the percentage of emergency calls arriving within 60 minutes, and quality of service. The development plan must include a technical report with safety protocols, project details, and planned technology improvements.   


Operators are further required to carry out efficiency interventions as a result of tender outcomes.

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