Climate and Nature Protection Action Plan - E-AUTO-2021

Last updated: 19 July 2021

The Ministry of Innovation and Technology is offering support to promote electromobility in Hungary and make road traffic cleaner. The support will be paid in the form of grants, and the program will be implemented by IFKA Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. There are different types of support:


"E-AUTO-2021 / companies and individuals" offers up to HUF 2.5 million for the purchase of a purely electric car with a maximum price of HUF 12 million. Total budget available is HUF 1 billion.


"E-AUTO-2021 / population, non-governmental organizations, associations and higher education institutions". Total budget available is HUF 3 billion.


"E-AUTO-2021 / passenger taxi and car passenger transport services" up to 45% of the maximum gross sales price of HUF 15 million valid at the time of purchase. Total available budget is HUF 3 billion.



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