Energy Management Act (Act No. 406/2000 Coll.)

Last updated: 31 May 2022

Amended in 2006, the Energy Management Act (Act on Energy Management of the Czech Republic No. 406/2000) was adopted by the Parliament on 25 November 2000 and implemented on 1 January 2001. Amended in 2006, the Act established standards for energy efficiency of heat and electricity production, transmission, distribution and use, energy planning requirements, energy auditing obligations, energy auditors certification, an energy labelling programme, energy performance of buildings, and inspection of boilers and air conditioning units. Chapters III and IV of the Act pertain to energy efficiency. Chapter III is entitled "National Programme for Economical Energy Management and Use of Renewable and Secondary Energy Resources". It deals, inter alia, with the various types of subsidies from the state budget for specific programmes. This "National Programme" is a document defining objectives related to energy conservation and to the use of renewable and secondary energy sources. It complies with economic and social requirements according to the principle of sustainable development and the protection of the environment and is based on the national energy policy and on the national environmental policy. The most important objectives are that renewable energies should reach 2.9% of energy consumption by 2005, and that the energy intensity of the national economy will be reduced. The priority is promotion of renewable energy sources and energy-saving projects. It defines instruments for its implementation, including subsidies from the state budget. Chapter IV is entitled "Measures to Enhance Economical Use of Energy" deals specifically with the ways to promote energy efficiency, such as minimum energy efficiency requirements, conditions for house occupiers to fulfil determined thermal and technical properties of buildings, energy efficiency labelling, energy audits, energy auditors and co-generation of heat and power (CHP). Under this measure, the Czech Republic introduced energy labels for those appliances for which the EU has introduced labels: refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers and lamps.

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