2021-27 Strategic Plan - Sustainable Transport

Last updated: 11 March 2022

Under the Recovery and Resilience Facility plan Estonia submitted to the EU Commission, the government plans to dedicate part of the investment towards a more sustainable transport sector, with various policies included such as: 


-Adapting to climate change and raising preparedness, sustainable mobility in major urban areas: (96 million EUR) 

-Local government investments in bicycle and or footpaths (25 million EUR) 

-Railway investments, including the upgrading of railways and its electrification (342 million) 

-Construction of Turba-Rohuküla railway construction (of which 34 million EUR) 

-Tallinn Old Port Tram line (of which 26 million EUR) 

-RB ülemiste common terminal (of which 31 million EUR) 




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