German Development and Resilience Plan (DARP) / 1.2 Climate-friendly mobility

Last updated: 22 October 2021

The component 1.2 of the German recovery and Resilience Plan is related to climate-friendly mobility and contains measures for the transport sector, in order to make it compatible with the country's climate protection targets. The objective is to support the integration of new technologies in the long term, and make the transport sector more energy-efficient and low-carbon.


This component includes a package of 6 investments and one reform, listed below:


1.2.1 Subsidies for the construction of refuelling and charging infrastructure: EUR 700 million (2021-2024)


1.2.2 Electromobility funding guidelines: EUR 75 million (2021-2022)


1.2.3 Innovation bonus ("Innovation premium") to promote the sale of electric vehicles (EV) - superseding the investments already made in the Package for the Future: EUR 2.5 billion (2021-2022)


1.2.4 Reform to extend the initial registration period for the granting of a 10-year tax exemption for all Evs: EUR 295 million (2021-2025)


1.2.5 Promotion of the purchase of buses using alternative energies: EUR 1085 million (2021-2025)


1.2.6 Subsidies to promote alterative energies in rail transport: EUR 227 million (2023-2025)


1.2.7 Promotion of hydrogen and fuel cell applications in the vehicle and supplier industry: EUR 546 million (2021-2025)

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