Recovery and resilience plan/1.2. Improving energy efficiency

Last updated: 18 March 2022

In the framework of the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility, Latvia submitted its national Recovery and Resilience Plan to the European Commission. 


The component 1.2 of the Latvian Recovery and Resilience Plan tackles the buildings and electricity sectors and includes five investments: 


1.2.1 Improving the energy efficiency of apartment buildings and the transition to the use of renewable energy technologies (EUR 57.3 million)

1.2.2 Increasing energy efficiency in business, which is planned to be implemented nationally in the form of a combined financial instrument (EUR 120.6 million)

1.2.3 Improving municipal buildings and infrastructure by facilitating the transition to renewable energy technologies and improving energy efficiency (EUR 29.3 million)

1.2.4 Improving energy efficiency in public sector buildings, incl. in historic buildings (EUR 24.0 million)

1.2.5 Modernisation of electricity transmission and distribution networks (EUR 80 million)

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