Net Zero Strategy - Heat Pumps Ready Programme

Last updated: 27 October 2021

The government will invest an additional £60 million into heat pump innovation as part of the net zero innovation portfolio, making them more beautiful, smaller, and easier to install.

It is part of the UK's plan to install 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028 and expand UK manufacturing.


The Heat Pump Ready Programme is split into 3 separate delivery streams:


Stream 1: solutions for high-density heat pump deployment. Up to £30 million of Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) funding from spring 2022 to support the development and trial of solutions and methodologies for the optimised deployment of domestic heat pumps at high-density.


Stream 2: developing tools and technology. Up to £25 million of grant funding for projects to overcome barriers to heat pump deployment, beginning spring 2022


Stream 3: trial support and learning. Up to £5 million contract from spring 2022 to provide support to ensure knowledge transfer and shared learning across the Heat Pump Ready Programme. This stream will provide support to the Stream 1 projects, joining-up Stream 2 technology and tools with their the Stream 1 projects where relevant and establishing working groups to collaborate on shared elements of deployment.

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