Resolution 40350 – 2021: Integrated Climate Change Plan for the Mining-Energy Sector

Last updated: 16 February 2023

This resolution updates the Integrated Plan for Climate Change Management approved by Resolution 40807 – 2018 by adding as an annex the "Integrated Climate Change Plan for the Mining-Energy Sector, 2050. This plan sets goals for carbon neutrality and climate resilience in 2050.

The Plan consists of 3 phases: I. Preparatory (2018-2030), II. Transformative (2030-2040), and III. Consolidation (2040-2050). Each phase will build from the previous one to achieve the 2050 goals. 

Additionally, it models five different mitigation scenarios, that range from current commitments to a highly ambitious scenario. Scenario 5, the most ambitious, includes carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) in the mitigation actions by 2040 and energy-efficient hydrocarbon and mining sectors, through the implementation of renewable energy in extraction processes. 

The document shows the estimated share of emission reductions that could be achieved in each of the scenarios if the different mitigation measures are implemented. The mitigation potential for fugitive methane emissions is between 1.5% and 1.7%, depending on the different scenarios, of the total emission reductions by 2050.  Based on these scenarios, the Plan delineates reduction targets for fugitive methane emissions across the range of the different scenarios.

The fugitive emissions mitigation measure encompasses both hydrocarbons and mining activities and focuses on the monitoring, control, and utilisation of emissions. The specific actions that are described under this strategic line are:

  •  Information gathering, to generate a robust baseline from which mitigation potential and upcoming policy decisions can be made.
  • Fugitive emissions regulation, to promote the adoption of mitigation actions for fugitive emissions while monitoring and controlling uncertainty of abatement potential.

The initial version was Resolution 90325 – 2014: Mitigation plans for the Electricity, Mining and Hydrocarbons Sector, later updated by Resolution 40807 – 2018: “Integral Plan for Climate Change of the Mining-Energy Sector (PIGCC)”

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