Zero Emission Vehicle Funding

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 11 February 2022

The total funding committed by this government to support the transition to zero emission vehicles is £3.5 billion. This includes recent investments like an additional £350 million to support the electrification of UK vehicles and their supply chains, as part of our £1 billion commitment, and a further £620 million for targeted electric vehicle grants and infrastructure, with a focus on local on-street residential charge points.

The government will provide grants of up to £1,500 for electric cars priced under £32,000, with currently around 20 models on the market.

Grant rates for the Plug in Van Grant (purchase subsidies) will now be £5,000 for large vans and £2,500 for small vans (and which includes also PHEVs - whereas car subsidies including only BEVs and FCEVs), with a limit of 1,000 per customer per year.

Motorcycle and moped grants will also be changing, with the government now providing £500 off the cost of a motorcycle, and £150 for mopeds, with a price cap on vehicles of £10,000. 

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