Prime Minister Decree No. 618 of 2017 - Amendment of the Executive Regulation

Last updated: 15 February 2022

The decree amended the executive regulation of the environment Law 4/1994, and frames the requirements of personnel and consultancy firms to be able to perform an:

  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental impact study
  • Environmental plan for all facilities, 
  • Environmental measurements, or
  • Other similar activities.

The decree limits the environmental specialist qualification to personnel with a higher education degree and experience in the environmental field from five to ten years. Environmental consultants must have over 10 years of experience in addition to a higher education degree. For Consultancy firms, the proposed director must be an environmental consultant.

An EIA is mandatory to renew coal use and handling license and in several other cases according to Law 4/1994 for the protection of the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions must be included in the EIA.

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