Plan to promote Environment

Last updated: 5 November 2017
Plans to Promote the Environment with Efficient Vehicles (PIMA Aire) (PIMA Aire, PIMA Aire 2, PIMA Aire 3 and PIMA Aire 4), with an overall budget of €53.4 million, were meant to improve air quality in Spain with the renewal of the commercial vehicle fleet and its replacement with more efficient models and with lower environmental impact, as well as the purchase of electric and hybrid motorbikes, mopeds, and electric motor pedal-assist bikes. The objective of the PIMA Air Plan was to reduce CO2‚ and NOx‚ emission and particle pollution by subsidies for renovating the commercial vehicle fleets. The main beneficiaries of this initiativewere self-employed professionals and businesses, who will be encouraged to replace their old light commercial vehicles with more efficient. The Plan established the rules for the direct aid for the purchase of new and used vehicles (up to one year old) up to 3.5 tonnes maximum authorized weight. The amount of aid amounted to EUR 1 000‚ per vehicle, for vehicles of weight less than 2 500 kg and EUR 2 000€‚ for vehicles of weight over 2 500 kg.

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