Qatar Energy's Sustainability Strategy

Last updated: 3 May 2022

Qatar Energy's Sustainability Strategy is governed by three mains references, Qatar National Vision 2030, United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Agreement. It relies on several main pillars: to develop a low carbon energy department, to reduce emissions to compensate for residual emissions, and to preserve the company's leading position in the LNG sector.

Qatar Energy set within its strategy several targets, such as:

  • Methane intensity of 0.2% by 2025
  • Carbon Reduction intensity of 15% from upstream and 25% from the LNG facilities by 2030
  • Zero routine flaring by 2030
  • Add 2 to 4 GW of renewable by 2030

Prince Decree 2/2017 transferred the responsibilities of the national oil and gas committee in Qatar to Qatar Energy, known back then as Qatar Petroleum. 

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