Gas Act

Last updated: 15 February 2022

This law contains rules regarding the transport and supply of gas. It is under the authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA) while the Energy Chamber of the Authority for Consumers and Markets acts as supervisor. 

The network operator must ensure an effective quality assurance system, including processes and procedures that guarantee the quality, safety, and reliability of the gas transport network. If an incident occurs or has the potential to occur that negatively impacts people or the environment, the operator must report it to the Ministry of Economic Affairs as soon as possible (Article 8a). 

Network operators, gas storage companies, and LNG companies must operate, maintain, and develop their gas transport network or facility in a way that ensures safety, efficiency, reliability, and protects the environment. 

A gas company that supplies gas to final customers must promote the use of gas by itself and customers in an efficient and environmentally sound manner, with the aim of protecting the environment. Every gas company with over ten million cubic metres of gas supplied to end users annually is required to report how they promoted the efficient and environmentally sound use of gas to the MEA (Article 40). 

In the interest of systematic management of gas deposits, the network operator of the national gas transmission network must ensure the long-term careful and rational use of natural gas. If the network operator must invest in the construction or expansion of the network, the MEA must be notified and grant approval (Article 54a). 

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