Environmental Management Activities Decree

Last updated: 15 February 2022

This decree establishes general rules for environmental management applicable to all companies, including combustion plants and storage tanks. Operators of significant environmentally harmful activities must submit a notification (report) to the competent authority no later than four weeks before the project commences. The notification must include the company name, information about the location, activities, processes, and performance of the company, and any further requested information. In the notification of a combustion plant with a nominal thermal input power of between 1 and 50 MW, technical information must also be provided (Article 1.21c). 

The operator must prevent and limit adverse effects on the environment through efficiently using energy, limiting air pollution, limiting dust nuisance, minimising the risk of accident or environmental harm, and ensuring a good state of maintenance as much as possible (Article 2.1). Emission measurements, registration, and reporting are mandatory to check compliance with emission requirements, set in Article 5.  

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