Ministerial Decree No. 14/2012 - Executive regulation for well testing, burning of oil products, and natural gas venting

Last updated: 15 June 2022

This decree, enacted by the ministry of oil and gas, regulates well testing, fuel burning, and gas venting. According to Article 2, these operations require a permit. 

Chapter II regulates well testing and states operators must present a permit request 90 days before the start of operations including the following information:

  • Economic analysis for the available options to utilize the petroleum products produced within the testing period;
  • An inventory of the products expected to be produced, stored, burnt, or vented to the atmosphere.

The directorate of oil and gas exploration and production is tasked with verifying that the testing program is well aligned with technical references applied worldwide in similar cases.

Chapter III states that operators must submit a request to flare or vent natural gas and volatile products 90 days ahead of the activity. The request should include:

  • Arguments for the need to flare or vent, and proof that the gas cannot be utilized;
  • Economic assessment to justify the need for gas flaring or venting;
  • The quantity and specifications of the gas to be vented or flared.

The directory must verify the impossibility of gas utilization before issuing any permits. Furthermore, operators must present a report of the activity within 30 days after its occurrence, including information on the actual quantity of gas flared or vented. 

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