(Alberta) Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Fund

Last updated: 23 June 2022

The Government of Alberta collects fund credits for the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Fund, as stipulated by the TIER Regulations. Part of the Fund supports methane technology and innovation across the oil and gas sector.
A $25-million grant was delivered to Carbon Connect International to carry out the Methane Technology Implementation Program (MTIP). The program supports installation of commercially available methane reduction technologies (with abatement cost for projects below $50/ton CO2e on a lifetime basis) at conventional oil and gas facilities in Alberta. Operators will be receive funds up to $2 million. The following project types are listed as being eligible for funding: pneumatic devices, hydrocarbon storage tanks, compressors, casing gas, and other non-routine technologies.

Another $15-million grant was also delivered to Carbon Connect International to implement the Baseline and Reduction Opportunity (BRO) Assessment Program. The program support small and medium-sized oil and gas operators to conduct detailed assessments of methane reduction opportunities and fugitive emissions. The assessments include device and equipment inventory assessment, leak detection, and extended flow and gas composition analysis. The program provides up to $200,000 per operator for all approved projects combined.

Lastly, a $17.6-million grant was delivered to the Alberta Methane Emissions Program to support investigating and testing alternative approaches to detection and quantification of fugitive and vented emissions. The funding contributes to three key areas: alternative fugitive emissions management program proposals; data management and analytics; and new technology trials.

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