Grant for Solar Heating

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In June 2000, The Swedish government introduced an investment support scheme for solar heating. Grants were available for solar heating investment in homes, apartments, and certain other buildings.
The grant for solar heating systems was paid to residential premises, and those not used for commercial or industrial purposes. The grant amount was proportional to the estimated annual production of the solar panels. SEK 2.50/kWh/year was paid out, subject to a maximum of SEK 7 500 for houses, SEK 5 000 for apartments in blocks, and SEK 5 000 for "housing-related facilities".
The grant for solar heating units in apartment blocks or housing-related facilities could not exceed 25% of the investment cost. The grant was also limited to a maximum of SEK 250 000 per property.
The vast majority of grants disbursed were for systems installed in houses. The remainder was provided to apartment buildings, with a very small proportion to other premises. In 2006 Parliament approved a supplementary solar heating grant for other premises (commercial, industrial), effective as of 1 July 2006 (SEK 10 million per year 2006 - 2010). In 2007, the support scheme was prolonged until the end of 2010 and the funds were increased by SEK 5 million (see separate entry).

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