Support for gas-intensive industries

Last updated: 18 April 2023

As part of its April 2022  "New measures to contain the rise in energy and agri-food prices" enacted in response to the global energy crisis, the Portuguese government set up a support programme covering 30% of the difference between the energy costs incurred in 2021 and those incurred in 2022, with a maximum support limit of EUR 400,000 per company. 

Among other conditions for access, companies must have their main economic activity in a sector or sub-sector identified in Ministerial Order 140/2022 and Rectification Statement 15/2022 or in the manufacturing industrial sector (CAE 10 to 33), provided a declaration signed by a certified accountant responsible for the company's accounts demonstrating that it is an energy-intensive company.
An "energy-intensive business" is defined as one whose purchase costs for energy products and electricity amount to at least 3.0% of the production value or for which the national energy tax payable amounts to at least 0.5% of the added value.

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