2022 Critical Minerals Strategy

Last updated: 21 August 2023

The Critical Minerals Strategy is a strategic plan designed to improve access to reliable, secure and resilient supplies of critical minerals. The 2022 strategy is an update to the 2019 strategy and accordingly includes an updated critical minerals list. The updated critical minerals includes two new minerals, high-purity alumina and silicon, designated critical because of their use in a variety of technologies including lithium-ion batteries and semiconductors. 
Objectives of the 2022 Critical Minerals Strategy include stable supply, sovereign capability and regional jobs and growth. The plan outlines actionable strategies for a variety of policies including for international partnerships, government investment initiatives, research and innovation, accelerator initiatives and environmental and social governance standards. 
Australia is developing a new Australian Critical Minerals Strategy to clearly articulate the Government’s priorities for the development of the critical minerals sector and reinforce Australia's goal to become a globally significant producer of raw and processed critical minerals. The new Strategy will reflect the important role Australia’s critical minerals can play in helping Australia and international partners achieve their emissions reduction targets; the growth of Australia’s domestic processing capacity for critical minerals; and Australia’s ongoing commitment to the highest environmental social and governance (ESG) standards and engagement with First Nations Australians. The new Strategy will continue to focus on the importance of stable supply of critical minerals, through the development of new sources of supply and the establishment of robust, diverse supply chains. 

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