May 2022 national measures against soaring energy prices

Last updated: 5 December 2022

In an effort to shield domestic consumers from the effects of the global energy crisis, the Greek government implemented a further round of energy affordability measures in May 2022:

- electricity subsidies for households, depending on their monthly consumption (from EUR 100/MWh to EUR 205/MWh, with thresholds set at below, between and above 150kWh and 300 kWh) and other criteria ( secondary residences get a  EUR 100/MWh subsidy, Social Tariff beneficiaries are eligible to a EUR 215/MWh)

- electricity subsidies for businesses, set at EUR120/MWh for all professional consumers, with an additionnal EUR 50 €/MWh support for SMES with a power supply of up to 35kVA as well as bakeries 

- natural gas subsidies for both households and businesses, set at EUR 20 per thermal MWH.

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