Council of ministers’ decree No.37 of 2001: Executive regulation for the Federal Law No.24 of 1999 on the protection and development of the environment

Last updated: 9 September 2022

The decree enacts several regulations related to the protection of the environment and the management of dangerous materials.

Environment permits are issued by the ministry of environment and climate change in collaboration with the local responsible entity in each emirate. The environmental permit application must include an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study. The content of the EIA is outlined in annex 2, it must include mitigation options and a monitoring program for the mitigation plan.

The operator must keep a record of all the emissions (including emissions to the atmosphere, solid waste, and effluents) for five years and share it with the responsible agency. The fine for any violation of this law is set between 27 to 54 thousand USD. The authority can also enforce a close of the facility/site for three months or permanently based on the violation type. 

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