CO2 Tax on Stationary Fuels

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In March 2007, the Swiss parliament approved a tax on CO2 emissions from stationary fuels, levied on heating and process fuels. The tax came into force on 1 Janaury 2008. The tax of CHF 12 per tCO2 equials CHF 0.03 per litre of heating oil and CHF 0.025 per m3 of natural gas. The tax may be increased in the following years depending on progress towards emissions reductions. The tax is revenue neutral; revenues are redistributed to employers in accordance with wages paid and to the population on a per-capita basis. Revenues are expected to reach approximately CHF 220 million in 2008, and up to CHF 650 million in 2010. Tax on stationary fuels of 96 CHF/t CO2 in 2019.

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