Green Fund for the local acceleration in ecological transitions

Last updated: 11 May 2023

The French government established in 2023 a new Green Fund aimed at accelerating clean energy transitions locally. 

This EUR 2 billion fund granted finance for projects submitted by subnational authorities, notably boosting energy efficiency of public buildings and public lighting, improving waste management and recycling, supporting the development of low-carbon mobility and enhancing air quality in cities through the establishment of "low emission areas" where vehicle traffic is limited. EUR 150 million were specifically set aside for this last type of urban projects.

A call for projects has opened until end 2023. In April 2023, around 6,00 official requests were already submitted, a majority of which concerning energy-efficient renovations of public buildings and street lighting. An initial batch of 150 projects amounting to EUR 60 million were approved.

In addition to this State-funded instrument, the public bank mandated to invest in region-level projects (Banque des Territoires) has granting EUR 1.2 million in 5-year loans and financial engineering support for similar projects.

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