Decree 5/2022 establishing urgent measures necessary to regulate the exploitation of lithium mineral resources in Extremadura

Last updated: 7 November 2022

This decree indicates that the exploitation of existing or potential lithium mineral resources throughout the territory of Extremadura is of public interest. Extremadura is the Spanish region that contains the largest lithium reserves in the country.
The Decree aims to ensure lithium is processed in Extremadura and benefits the region. The processing of lithium covers elements of: exploitation, storage, preparation, concentration or any beneficiation from mineral deposits, including the rehabilitation of areas affected by mining activity.

Companies that commit to process lithium in Extremadura can benefit from public funding and expedited administrative formalities. The projects can be exempt of a license from the local councils to be approved. The regulation enables them to be declared of regional interest, which speeds up processing and potentially enables access to public subsidies. 

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