Federal action plan for a circular economy (2021-2024)

Last updated: 9 December 2023

The Federal action plan for a circular economy (2021-2024) sets out 25 actions to encourage more circularity in production and consumption modes. 

In 2016, Belgium ranked second in the European Union in terms of waste recycling with 76% of total waste recycled. The country perceives circularity as a way to boost its economic activity. The plan also acknowledges that Belgium has very few raw materials and  therefore focuses on the importance of recycling as a source of supply. 

This plan was adopted by the federal government in December 2021. It is intended to complement circularity actions carried out by the regions.

The 25 measures are intended to achieve six objectives: 

  1. Stimulate the marketing of circular products and services 
  2. Encourage more circularity in production methods
  3. Support the role of consumers and public purchasers 
  4. Implement the necessary incentives and tools 
  5. Support the role of workers in the transition
  6. Evaluate progress

The plan includes the following measures:

  • Improve the design of certain products to facilitate their recycling
  • Launch a pilot project for dual pricing of energy-intensive products
  • Set up a communication campaign to raise consumer awareness of sustainable consumption and circular economy
  • Investigate the contribution of the circular economy to climate change, biodiversity and economic prosperity.

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