Partnership for Climate Protection, Energy Efficiency and Innovation

Last updated: 4 July 2019
The Partnership for Climate Protection, Energy Efficiency and Innovation is intended to make clear that the exacting objectives of climate protection and energy policy can be more effectively achieved if the state and industry co-operate. The objective is to identify excellence in companies' performance and proliferate this to the maximum possible extent. Identification of excellence is achieved by setting up a Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency Group of Companies (KEG) together with a Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Information and Qualification Offensive. The member companies of the KEG are active in climate protection and are keen to convince other companies that climate protection is worthwhile. In the framework of the information offensive businessmen can take advantage of a company visit and an energy efficiency counselling session with an IHK energy coach. In the consultation the company's situation is analysed and appropriate funding programmes, roadshows and regional skills-upgrading programmes are pointed out. The aim is to recruit approximately 10,000 companies by means of company visits and events geared to climate protection and efficiency improvement. With the Qualification Offensive and in the framework of the partnership between the BMU, the BMWi and the DIHK a subsidy is provided of up to 33% of the cost of participation in courses leading to the qualificationof energy manager (IHK) and energy representative (IHK) as well as of consolidation modules in the subject areas of climate protection, energy efficiency and innovation. Persons employed by a company and not providingenergy efficiency counselling for third parties are eligible for the subsidy. The company not only benefits from the subsidy, but in addition the training and education leads to more efficient and therefore more costeffectiveenergy management within the company. The partnership and the KEG are supported by a "Climate Protection and Energy Efficiency"  project office at the DIHK. The function of the latter is to build the group andpublicise the excellent performance of the companies. Events and the construction of an internet platform are foreseen for this purpose.

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