Hydrogen Society Roadmap

Source: International Energy Agency
Last updated: 13 January 2023

Published by the Department of Science and Innovation, the Hydrogen Society Roadmap sets national ambitions and sectors prioritization on the deployment of the hydrogen economy in South Africa, in line with the Integrated Energy Plan.
A total of 70 priority actions have been identified across these high-level outcomes:
- Decarbonisation of heavy-duty transport
- Decarbonisation of energy-intensive industry (cement, steel, mining, refineries)
- Enhanced and green power sector (main and micro-grids)
- Centre of Excellence in Manufacturing for hydrogen products and fuel cell components
- Creating an export market for South African green hydrogen
- Increase the role of hydrogen (grey, blue, turquoise and green) in the South African energy system in line with the move towards a net-zero economy.

Among the targets, the roadmap plans to have 10 GW of electrolysis deployed and at least 500 kt of hydrogen produciton per year by 2030; the capacity will increase to 15 GW by 2040. On the demand side, the short-term focus is on the transport sector and on demonstrating industrial technologies, while for the long-term the roadmpa envisions secor coupling and use of hydrogen also in the power sector. This could create more than 30 000 jobs annually by 2040.

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