Energy Shield: Measures against high energy prices

Last updated: 25 May 2023

The Energy Shield is a set of measures enacted by the Polish Government to ensure lower energy prices for households, vulnerable consumers, district heating users and gas consumers. 
For these consumers, gas prices are capped at PLN 200 net/MWh and gas distribution rates are frozen.

Lowest income households receive VAT refunds related to their gas bills and a one-time lump sump subsidy ranging from PLN 400 - 1500 to offset energy, gas and food prices.

Households heating with coal can apply for a one-time lump sum allowance of PLN 3,000. 

Households heating with electricity can apply for a one-time lump sum allowance from PLN 1,000 to PLN 1,500.

District heating prices are capped at PLN 150.95/GJ for gas and oil heating, and PLN 103.82/GJ for other heating sources.

From 1 October 2022 until 31 December 2023, district heating prices' increase cannot exceed 40% compared to prices applicable on 30 September 2022.

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