Urban Transport Awareness Campaigns

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In 2001 IDAE promoted the following urban transport awareness projects: - La Ciudad, sin mi coche (The City, without my car) (see record #1504): the organisers of this event in Spain were IDAE and the Ministry of the Environment. The most significant results, extrapolating from those of the 16 cities that took part, were an 18% reduction in traffic; an 18.7% increase in passengers using public transport; and a 4.3 million litres reduction in fuel consumption. - Mejor sin coche (Better without a car): rational use of private cars and improvement in urban mobility in the city of Gijón (Asturias). Awareness raising project in which members of the public who took part obtained a series of personal advantages, such as discounts for public transport, sports centres and theatres, as well as taxis and shops taking part in the scheme. - Smile project: its aim was to gather information on best practice in urban mobility so as to offer it to the public in the form of publications, presentations and international conferences. - Intatme project: IDAE participated in this project led by the Madrid Transport Consortium (Consorcio de Transporte de Madrid) with the principal objective of studying new forms of mobility using collective means of transport.