Presidential Decree on Measures to Ensure the Citizens of the Russian Federation Affordable and Comfortable Accommodation and Quality of Housing and Communal Services

Last updated: 5 November 2017
In order to improve the living conditions of citizens of the Russian Federation and improve energy efficiency, this decree lays out an action plan in several phases. Each phase is aimed at improving citizens 'quality of life, but there are also Energy Efficiency stipulations:
From 2012 until 2017, there is to be a 30 percent increase in the total capital investment devoted to the heating system, water supply, sewerage and sewage treatment.
Until November 2012, action will be taken to improve utility service provision, which includes encouraging market competition at regional and local levels.
By December 2012, an action plan will be created for the prevention and supression of monopolies in the housing and ocnstruciton sectors in order to attract private investment to meet the modernizationa nd efficiency goals of public utilities.
Also, by December 2012, an exhaustive list of Federal-level administrative procedures for the housing sector will be prepared along with a proposal to establish a uniform procedure to cooperate with the government on housing projects.