DERA Criticality List

Last updated: 10 December 2023

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action examines and publishes the supply concentration and the country risk of the production of numerous mineral raw materials and their intermediate products at various stages of the value chain in the biennial DERA Criticality List.  
Raw materials and intermediate products are assessed and categorised into three risk groups according to country concentration and associated country risks: group 1 (low/noncritical risk), group 2 (medium risk) and group 3 (high risk). 
In the 2021 Criticality List, mine production of 12 metals, 8 industrial metals and coking coal were classified as group 3: chromite, cobalt, niobium, vanadium, tungsten, antimony, rare earths, mercury and tantalum, PGE along with borates, disthene metals, fluorite, graphite, magnesite, perlite, strontium minerals and wollastonites. Lead, molybdenum, phosphate and vermiculite were deemed to have decreased in risk relative to the previous analysis and removed from group 3. 

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