Efficient equipment and health services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Last updated: 2 August 2023

The World Bank and World Health Organization estimate that only 28–34% of health facilities across sub-Saharan Africa have access to reliable electricity. The implications of improving access can be life-saving. Expanding modern energy and health services is essential to increasing the quality and availability of care for women and improving the overall quality of life in off- and weak-grid communities. Appropriately designed, highly energy-efficient appliances and medical devices designed for use with off-grid solar energy systems can dramatically expand health service provision at off-grid clinics while also reducing the cost of clinic electrification overall. Super-efficient appliances deliver the same services as conventional appliances while using significantly less energy and therefore enable an off-grid clinic to do far more with a given energy supply, expanding service delivery without requiring additional solar panels or battery capacity.

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