Denmark Citizens’ Assembly

Last updated: 2 August 2023

Denmark's Citizens' Assembly on Climate Issues is a civilian council that was formed with the objective of involving a representative selection of the Danish population in the planning of the country’s climate policies. The Citizens' Assembly consists of 99 members selected to best represent the Danish population, based on socio-economic criteria, such as age, gender, geography, education and income. In April 2021, after months of debate and discussion, the Citizens' Assembly tentatively adopted 119 recommendations for the green transition, which have been shared with the Minister of Climate, Energy and Utilities as well as the Climate, Energy and Utilities Committee. The recommendations cover a broad spectrum of topics, including education on the climate crisis at schools, carbon taxation and developing a green constitution. The assembly will again convene in the autumn of 2021 to continue work on recommendations for the government to undertake a green transition. 

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