Barcelona Energy Advice Points

Last updated: 3 August 2023

In an example of local governments offering clean energy skills programmes, the city of Barcelona launched the Energy Advice Points (EAP) initiative to address energy poverty through building retrofits and job training. The project was established with the goal of upgrading the energy efficiency of homes in Barcelona, with a focus on the most vulnerable households. The training aspect of the programme builds off the Energia la Justa initiative, which trained 100 unemployed people citizens and gave them jobs as energy advisors for six months to help 3 000 households in energy poverty implement energy efficiency improvements in their homes and lower energy bills. The EAP assembles a team of 40 people, spread across 11 points in the city with the goal of achieving energy efficiency improvements of homes, increasing the employability of vulnerable people, and empowering citizens. In addition, the EAP hires 20 unemployed people (over the age of 45) every eight months and integrates them into the group of energy advisors, to create a team of 60. By October 2019, the EAP had trained 80 people for work as energy advisors. Notably, the programme helps unemployed people get the training, professional qualifications and experience to gain employment as energy consultants elsewhere at the end of their training. In 2020, 80% of participants found work after completing the programme, a significant jump from previous year (37% 2019 and 28% in 2018). 

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