Romanian Wind Energy Association training schools in coal regions

Last updated: 3 August 2023

Building on the success of the Renewable Energy School of Skills (RESS) in Constanța, which trained over 5 000 wind energy technicians in Romania, the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA) is developing a professional training academy in a former coal region. The academy will be based in the Jiu Valley, a former coal mining area with a previously strong economy that has been afflicted in recent years by mine closures that have resulted in stress on local communities and prompted nearly half of the region’s population to leave for better opportunities elsewhere.

With wind energy installations on the rise in Romania, the industry offers an attractive opportunity for new jobs. The academy will leverage the RESS programme to reskill coal miners for jobs in the wind energy sector. Among the courses offered by RESS are wind turbine blade repair, PV panel installation, safety and other specialised trainings. RWEA’s Valea Jiului Academy will be supported by its member companies, such as Monsson and CEZ Group, and plans to access funding from the EU Platform for Coal Regions in Transition. The intention of the academy is to retrain up to 800 coal miners as technicians in the renewable energy and energy distribution fields annually, for a total of 8 000 technicians over the ten years of the project. The certifications awarded through the courses will provide technicians with employment opportunities in installation, operation and maintenance of renewable energy and grid projects both in Romania and abroad. 

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