Ordinance No. 121. National Mining Plan 2030

Last updated: 11 December 2023

The 2030 National Mining Plan (PNM-2030) is a framework for strengthening the sustainable development of the mining industry over a 20 year period. The plan is comprised of 11 strategic objective areas: effective public governance; geological knowledge; strategic minerals; mining in restricted areas; formalising and strengthening of small-scale mining operations; research, development & innovation; human resources; infrastructure; sustainable production; adding value through competitiveness; and sustainable development.
Strategic minerals in the PNM-2030 are grouped into three categories:
(i) minerals that the country imports on a large scale, such as potash, phosphate, metallurgical mineral coal and those for which there is a possibility of import in the near future, such as uranium; 
(ii) minerals whose demand is growing because of their use in high-tech products, such as rare earths, lithium, tantalum, terbium and cobalt; and 
(iii) minerals for which Brazil has comparative advantages, such as iron ore and niobium.
Seven actions are prescribed by the plan to strengthen the strategic mineral sector:

  1. Conduct geological surveys of potential areas for strategic minerals of the future.
  2. Support mineral research and promote development of new mines in areas with deposits of potash, phosphate and future-bearing minerals.
  3. Promote studies around mineral supply chains aiming at adding value with competitiveness.
  4. Develop geological studies with the aim of expanding the country's uranium reserves.
  5. Create Working Groups to monitor strategic minerals, focusing on opportunities and threats in the international market.
  6. Coordinate among ministries to establish policies that encourage technological innovations in fertilisers and to promote the use of agro-minerals.
  7. Coordinate between ministries and industry to develop long-term programmes focused on minerals that are carriers of the future, to identify competitive strategic actions. 

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