Supply Procurement Strategy Action Plan (2017-2019)

Last updated: 12 December 2023

The Supply Procurement Strategy Action Plan is updated every two years with the aim of supporting the supply procurement needs of the manufacturing industry in export-oriented production, developing sustainable supply opportunities (especially for the import dependent products) and recommending policy based on a sectoral procurement perspective.
Objective 4 of the Plan, "Ensuring Planning and Policy Management in Input Procurement," establishes the need to define policy to secure the supply of critical raw materials (CRMs). The Plan envisages a number of strategies to this end:

  • The identification of CRMs within the framework of the current production conditions, future manufacturing targets and needs of new technologies.
  • The restructuring of the Mineral Research and Exploration General Directorate (MTA) to enable it to reduce mineral dependency and increase efficiency and productivity. This will entail the implementation of a 2016 regulation that the MTA may establish a company or partnership abroad in order to carry out research and exploration activities. The MTA should make such decisions with the consideration and involvement of domestic mining companies and of industrial companies that are consumers of the raw materials in question.
  • The development of a recycling industry for CRM through the determination of annual production amounts of metals other than iron and steel according to their sources and types, the evaluation of domestic recovery potential and the expansion of recycling to reduce import dependency.

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