European Green Deal

Last updated: 27 September 2023

The European Green Deal is a comprehensive strategy to reduce the EU’s GHG emissions by at least 55% from 1990 levels by 2030 and achieve climate neutrality by 2050. One of the core pillars of the plan is to lead the third industrial revolution while addressing its socio-economic consequences, creating markets and jobs in clean technologies and products for European industry, and ensuring a just transition for those most directly affected. The European Commission expects that this major shift will have wide-ranging impacts across value chains from sectors such as energy, transport and construction that will result in local, well-paying jobs. In particular, as electrification of the economy using renewable sources of energy becomes more pronounced, employment in these sectors is expected to grow. Moreover, energy efficiency programmes will create local jobs in the construction sector. For instance, the Commission is aiming to renovate 35 million buildings across the EU by 2030 under its Renovation Wave strategy, with an estimated 160 000 additional green jobs created in the construction sector.

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