Japan’s Resource Diplomacy Guideline

Last updated: 12 December 2023

Japan’s Resource Green Transformation (GX) Diplomacy Guideline outlines the country’s approach to minerals and producing countries. These include the following relevant sections on critical minerals:

1.     Approach to priority minerals

Japan’s current priority targets are manganese, nickel, cobalt, lithium and graphite for Lithium Batteries and rare earth elements for permanent magnets. A selection of the priorities for target commodities will be reviewed according to the situation.

2.     Approach to the priority countries

Australia, Canada: Given the stable investment environment, basic approach is public sector support for individual companies' efforts.

The Philippines, Peru, and Chile: The framework for bilateral dialogue with public private involvement will be strengthened.

African Countries: In this region where Japanese companies still lack experience, opportunities will be created for Japanese companies to interact with local governments and companies, and possibility of building joint projects with the like-minded countries will be explored.

3. Creating Asia wide recycling network

Establish a recycling network utilising e-scrap collection and domestic smelting facilities in developing countries in Southeast Asia and other regions by supporting technological development and standardising traceability. At the same time, while developing recycling technologies for battery recycling and neodymium magnet recycling, creating a mechanism to secure recycled materials from overseas by utilising its experience in e-scrap will be considered.

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