Biden-⁠Harris Permitting Action Plan

Last updated: 11 December 2023

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law constitutes a transformative investment in American infrastructure, aiming to generate well-paying union jobs, boost the economy, address climate change and reduce family costs. To optimise this investment and ensure timely project completion, the Biden-Harris Administration unveiled the Permitting Action Plan to Accelerate and Deliver Infrastructure Projects On Time, On Task and On Budget. This plan outlines a strategy for effective, efficient and transparent federal environmental reviews and permitting processes, emphasising early public engagement and leveraging existing authorities. The plan's key elements include accelerating smart permitting through early cross-agency coordination, establishing clear timeline goals, engaging in early and meaningful outreach with stakeholders, improving agency responsiveness and utilising resources for environmental impact improvement. By reforming outdated permitting laws and regulations, the administration seeks to strengthen supply chains, lower costs and revitalise communities while supporting climate and clean energy goals. The Action Plan demonstrates the administration's commitment to swift infrastructure benefits, promising better permitting outcomes, enhanced predictability and increased accountability across federal agencies. 

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