"Recycling, recyclability and material reincorporation" call for projects

Last updated: 12 December 2023

The "Recycling, recyclability and material reincorporation" call for projects aims to support innovation to overcome technological obstacles at different stages of the recycling value chain and covers six themes: sorting technologies, plastics, strategic metals, paper and cardboard, textiles, composite materials.

This call for project falls under the France 2030 investment plan which includes a EUR 54 billion budget, spread out across 5 years, to develop industrial competitiveness and technologies of the future. Recycling, which replaces raw materials with recycled raw materials, contributes toward the goal of decoupling economic growth from the consumption of natural resources in French society. 

The aim of this call for projects is to finance and accelerate the market launch of innovative solutions with a positive environmental impact, facilitate access to co-financing and give visibility to the winning projects. Projects are expected to enable overcoming scientific, technical, economic and organizational barriers in various scientific, technical, economic and organisational domains spreading across the entire recycling value chain including: 

  • Product design: taking into account the recyclability of materials and products at the design stage.
  • Waste collection and sorting: capacity to increase collection rates, improve certain technologies, create new ones and promote the industrialization of existing pilot technologies.
  • Material preparation: production of PRM of sufficient, controlled and consistent quality, and design of processes for the production of new materials with a view to their cross-use in different fields (open-loop recycling).
  • Material reincorporation: development, reinforcement and adaptation of industrial facilities to help improve long-term substitution for virgin raw materials.

Minimum budgets for projects are as follows: Sorting technologies (€1m), Plastics recycling (€2m), Strategic metals recycling (€1m), Paper and cardboard recycling (€0.6m), Textile recycling (€0.6m), Composites recycling (€0.6m).

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