2030 Methane Emissions Reduction Roadmap

Last updated: 7 March 2024

The Republic of Korea published the 2030 Emissions Reduction Roadmap to communicate its contribution to progress in global methane emissions reduction for the Global Methane Pledge. The Roadmap includes a target of a 30% emissions reduction compared to 2020 levels by 2030, along with 14 key policy tasks across the agriculture, livestock, waste and energy sectors. 
In the energy sector, Korea aims to cut methane emissions by 22.7% through the following measures:

  • Periodic formulation of the 'Fugitive Emissions Management Plan.'
  • Reduction of fossil fuel use through a transition of the energy mix and reduction in energy use.
  • Improvement of energy demand efficiency and reduction in energy usage.

The country also commits to the following cross-sector policy tasks as an implementation base:

  • Improvement of the measurement, report and verification (MRV) system of methane and support of research and development of methane abatement technologies, including organic waste utilisation technology.
  • Promotion of international co-operation for methane emissions reduction by actively developing new public-private international mitigation projects on methane.

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